5 New Year Presents for Frequent Business Travelers

Business travelers are among the most endangered species of businesspeople. They spend nights and days flying from country to country, sleeping in different hotels. If you’re one of those people, you know how excruciating such a lifestyle can be. What’s more, you also know how important it is to always have some items with you. Therefore, it’s clear that a business traveler similar to your kind will appreciate getting one of those handy things for the New Year. Here’s our selection of 5 practical presents for frequent business travelers.

Business card case

Leather has been one of the most popular materials for business presents for centuries. Even today when you look around shops with business items, you can see that there’s a wide assortment of leather business products for both men and women. For this New Year, we suggest giving your business partner or friend a leather case for business cards. It will look classy if they take out their business card from such a holder and hand it to a new business associate. In addition, they can keep the cards they receive in it. That way, they won’t lose them.

Durable suitcase

A well-built, durable suitcase is the essence of every business journey. Therefore, you shouldn’t save on a suitcase. What’s more, you can give such a present to your traveling fellow. The first thing you’ll have to take care of is the size. For shorter journeys, a 22x9x14 (inches) suitcase would be a perfect present. What’s more, it can fit into overhead compartments in most planes.

Also, make sure that the suitcase you want to buy as a present has a lifetime warranty. On the one hand, it’s a useful feature in case something really breaks down. On the other, the person that receives that present from you will be flattered to be given something that comes with such a warranty. Here you can read more about other important suitcase considerations.

Grid-It organizer

When you’ve just finished your business meeting and got back to your room, the best thing you can do to relax is play some music from your music player. You’ve found your favorite album and then you notice that your earphones are tangled. Untangling them is the last thing you need at the end of a stressful day. Since cords generally have a tendency towards tangling, every business traveler would appreciate an anti-tangling piece of equipment. Here’s where a Grid-It backpack comes on stage. It’s an affordable thing that can be used for all sorts of cables and cords.

Entertainment features

Although business travelers often have limited packing space, there has to be enough room for some entertainment features. For instance, having a tablet on a business trip has a two-fold benefit. Firstly, you can use it for faster business communication and smooth negotiations. Secondly, its easy access to entertainment features can be a relieving option at the end of a long trip.

Moreover, if you’re buying a present for a VIP business partner, a powerful laptop with a cutting-edge graphics card and a reliable 500GB SSD is a perfect present for their new business year. Simply put, if a laptop is good for gaming, it will be great for business.

Mobile batteries backup

Power banks are the most widespread battery backup option for gadget users. However, as new technological innovations are introduced, you can get even more practical backups for your gadgets. For instance, you can go for a Zendure 2nd Gen A8 Pro Portable charger or Mophie Powerstation XL if you want to give a cutting-edge power pack as a present. Those devices can charge multiple devices for several times. Therefore, they will certainly make their travels more comfortable and less stressful. In addition, check out some other power banks that can serve as a reliable source of electricity for businesspeople and their gadgets on the road.

Treating your business partners to modern and practical presents is a great way of showing them you appreciate your mutual business collaboration. Apart from that, it also shows that you believe in your future business deals. Therefore, choose the right items from this piece for your traveling fellows and wish them a successful business New Year.

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