The Waves platform has released its full node code, signalling a green light for Incent who can now launch its custom token on the Waves platform. Incent is nearing the end of its ICO period after which, Incent tokens will be created in a one-off event before they are distributed to investors.

Open Value
Waves’ unique functionality and features make it possible to launch Incent, the first of its custom application tokens (CAT), which is designed to exploit the closed and restrictive nature of conventional loyalty rewards through its blockchain-based features. Incent’s CEO Rob Wilson uses the concept of Open Value to describe the tokens – which he explains is similar to how we think about Open Source.

‘Simply put, the current loyalty industry works like Microsoft, which protects value through restriction, whereas Incent is like Linux; it builds value through openness. Once the token is live, there will be nothing stopping other developers building their own commercial projects on it and our aim will be to provide Open Source tools that help them to do so.’

Rob Wilson, Incent’s CEO

The other key component of Incent’s value proposition is the fact that token supply is finite – no further tokens will be created after the ICO distribution takes place. Every time any of Incent Loyalty’s merchant partners transact, demand for Incent will grow – with a predictable impact on token price – which is good for consumers, businesses and investors.

Waves’ superior blockchain infrastructure is a key enabling technology which has allowed the Incent team to focus on mainstream business development. Here, pre-launch interest has been strong across the breadth of commerce with the team fielding enquiries from top tier business development consultancies and prime players in the conventional loyalty industry.

‘As it stands air miles are widely considered the most effective loyalty-reward in existence – but even they have very restricted utility and half-life. Now imagine an air mile that any merchant can offer as an incentive to transact; an air mile that is delivered instantly, can be spent anywhere, that never expires and appreciates in value. This is Incent.’

Rob Wilson, Incent’s CEO

The Incent crowdfund ends at 23:59 UTC on 30 November. For more information, visit