Mega T Makes an Everlasting Impact in Nepal with the Help of CUE

As soon as Mega T was launched in Nepal, our distributor partner Dugar Brothers and Sons Ltd., decided to conduct a tour of farms in Nepal with this innovative farm equipment. With support from our Indian headquarters, a CUE initiative was launched in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur by our Nepal partners. The aim of this CUE initiative was to find the suitability and adaptability of Mega T in terrains of Nepal. Designed exclusively to provide good haulage in various territories, Mega T Deluxe proved to be ideal for the CUE activities in Bhaktapur. 
It further led to the launch of Mega T DLX RTH which is an improvised version of Mega T Deluxe.
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KMW is the farm mechanization brand of Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited. KMW aspires to transform the lives of 50 million farmers by the year 2025 through innovative products, technology & delivery. Currently, KMW offers a range of innovative farming implements & Smart Farm Machines designed to enhance the productivity, safety and comfort of a wide range of farming tasks. Product Range: Mega T – India’s most awarded brand for tractor tiller. Japan’s Good Design Award, and several other international and national awards Other Farming Implements – Potato Digger, Hopper, Sprayer, Seeder, Non-Tipping Trailer, Tipping Trailer, Power plough and Ridger Featured Products – Mega T 15, Mega T 12, Min T, Univator Awards & Achievements: • Good Design Award 2016 • India Design Mark • Rural Marketing Awards – Innovative Ideas for Rural Development • CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2015 • AIMA Innovation Practitioner Summit 2015 For more details, Visit us at

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