Style app for all your ‘I-have-nothing-to-wear’ moments

VeeV is a style app that uses visual search to digitize & organize your wardrobe, so you’ll know what to wear and get the most out of your wardrobe.

The wardrobe is one of the most expensive things we own (ClosetMaid survey statistic). The average woman’s closet is worth an average of $2,000 and up to 80% is seldom or almost never worn. Some are never worn simple because it can never found in the sea of chaotic clothes, namely our wardrobe. Introducing VeeV, the style app that DC-based startup Vimsel has just launched.

For the everyday user, VeeV’s visual recognition for managing your wardrobe lets you visually search your digital wardrobe, wherever you may be. You could be window-shopping in Old Town, bargain hunting at Saks or looking for matching bridesmaid dresses. Snap a picture of that coveted dress in store, and let VeeV scan for similar matches from your digital collection. Did VeeV find a match? That’s pretty handy to know you already have something similar. Reduce on your impulse buys with VeeV.

Is your personal image part of your job?

Beyond that, VeeV also hits the sweet spot in the style app market where looking your best on the job can translate in to closing a fantastic public engagement, high public approval ratings and more. The local news station anchors who have to manage their own on-air outfits, the working mother with a power meeting who’s morning rush is crazy, the public speaker who has to keep track of his outfits whilst maintaining a busy travel schedule…they all have two things in common: a busy schedule and a need to look their best. VeeV many great features allows the user to sync with their phone’s calendar, pulling together items from their VeeV collection to pre-plan outfits for those dates, and using visual search to show when, where and with whom those outfits were worn.

Start on your VeeV collection today! VeeV, the style app is now available for free download for iOS and Android. Need help on how to use VeeV? Visit for tips on how to use VeeV for every styling need.