Why the travel industry is set to be disrupted by blockchain technology startup Tamtam Travels

TamTam Travels is the latest startup using tokenisation on the blockchain to enter the travel sector with its offering of its native JIO Token as the rewards mechanism for volume sales on its affiliate marketing network.

The core business model of TamTam Travels is a traditional business model of private members discounts, on a range of products and services, in the travel industry.

Earlier this year Airbnb “acqui-hired” the majority of the team behind ChangeCoin, a startup that ran a bitcoin-based micropayments service, according to four people with knowledge of the deal.

What makes TamTam Travels unique and viable is that it has been spun off from an initiative to trial blockchain technology in Greece. Known as Drachmae Project, it ran on an Island one hour from Athens called Agistri, or “Hook”.

The members benefits, derived from a paid subscription, is the real key to the success of this new Startup. A major selling points for American and European members is the fact they do not even need to travel abroad to enjoy the savings, which may be the most compelling benefit.

Daily, Local, Global Discounts – Featuring over 300,000 of the world’s leading merchants offering up to 50% savings. From Auto Repair to Groceries, and much more. Estimates show that a member can save up to $2,000, or more, per annum.

For the professionals that are constantly on the move, the Personal Assistant concierge service is very enticing. Whether you’re looking for dinner reservations, front-row concert tickets, two dozen roses, or a truly out-of-the-ordinary request, the concierge service does whatever it takes to satisfy members. It delivers locally relevant results, informed recommendations and personal service in a way that makes you the star.

Benefits and discounts therefore go further than just hotels, flights and car hire bookings. With such a portfolio it brings local benefits too, so this is a combination deal that benefits all types of members.

It’s estimated there are over 1 billion people travelling per annum. and tourism is a trillion dollar industry. Discerning travellers are looking for benefits and the best service they can obtain for their money, but there is also another market that only looks for privileges and services to supplement their lifestyle.

At the launch of TamTam Travels, the travel startup that uses blockchain technology, heavily discounted packages on memberships are on offer, in addition to rewards in it’s native currency