Vectr – free cross-platform graphics app you can learn to use quickly

After two years of development, Vectr has finally launched the full version of its free cross-platform vector graphics app.

The tool lets you create any 2D graphics using simple tools. You can work with the layers, figures, text and graphic design features like rounded corners and gradients.

Vectr is not only completely free, but also one of the only editors available cross-platforms — on the web or as a desktop download — on Mac, Windows, Chromebook, or Linux. Up to now, most of these platforms were stuck without alternatives to Adobe’s bloated/complicated products.

Designing is a social activity — people love sharing what they’ve created and want to receive immediate feedback. Vectr understands this, which is why Vectr users are able to post their projects directly to Facebook or Twitter with a unique URL that allows others to edit the copy of the project as their own, and why over the coming year we’ll be building social collaboration directly into the editor.

Next Vectr team is planning to implement the marketplace for peer-to-peer designs sharing, and develop a premium account with advanced graphic design features. This should take startup to the new level, growing a strong internal community and opening up monetization channels.

The most active users of Vectr are currently not designers but software engineers, project managers, bloggers and social media specialists — those in need to deal with graphic editing in their everyday work and can’t afford to spend time/money for complicated paid tools.



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